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Is sweet potato really better than regular?
Sweet potatoes also contain, among other things, a substance that decides what we will be sick of and when we will be healthy ...
Sweet potatoes are among the oldest vegetables we know. It originates primarily from Central and South America, and was brought to our region by Christopher Columbus, and even more thanks to Empress Maria Theresa, who in 1767 issued an order on the obligatory planting of potatoes. The reason was simple: thanks to potatoes, Europe then avoided a severe famine. At the time, it was mostly sweet potatoes, and the varieties we know today originated many years later.

Today, ordinary potatoes have almost completely supplanted sweets, which are better and even healthier in many respects. The glycemic index of sweet boiled potatoes is 46 and of baked potatoes 80 (for normal potatoes these values are 70 and 85). The biggest difference between the two potatoes is in the content of beta carotene (provitamin A), which is 200% more in sweet potatoes. There is also more manganese (50%), copper (36%), vitamins B and C, potassium, phosphorus ...

What are the effects of sweet potatoes?

Extensive tests have confirmed that sweet potatoes raise the level of vitamin A in the body extremely well (improves eyesight, skin, immune system). in addition, it inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol (danger of calcification of blood vessels, blood clots), reduces heart disease and protects the thymus (this is the main gland of the immune system) and protects the body from the effects of free radicals (the main cause of cancer). Very important components of sweet potatoes are also hidden in the complex of B vitamins (B1, B7 or vitamin H, B5, B6, B2), which the human body cannot produce and are necessary for the normal functioning of the metabolism and nervous system. Of course, we should not overlook glutathione, some even call it the master of all antioxidants, which is a key element in detoxifying the body and a decisive factor in our health. When glutathione levels fall in the body, we get ill.


It’s true that sweet potatoes are actually potatoes, but with a different flavour. it can be baked and cooked, but it is best served with vegetable soup, mushroom sauce, potato pancakes, because of the taste, which is slightly reminiscent of zucchini, it can be added to salads and desserts, and puree is also very tasty. Sweet potatoes are also great in a blend of bananas, maple syrup, cinnamon and walnuts.

Bad effects

Sweet potatoes contain quite a few oxalates. Not as much as spinach, beets or rhubarb, but caution is still needed especially in people who have bile or kidney problems. Oxalates affect the absorption of calcium in the body, which can cause problems in the bones, as well as some gastrointestinal tract. It is true, however, that the oxalate content of sweet potatoes is not so high as to be harmful to health. Moderation is always welcome.
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