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Datum: 28. SEP 21 - GOOD TO KNOW
One of the most carcinogenic substances is found in food
We eat it daily, and doctors agree that it is the most dangerous thing that has been proven to cause cancer. Why are we doing this?
If you are wondering which substance is so dangerous, pay attention from now on to high-fructose corn syrup, which very often appears as an alternative to sugar. It consists of glucose, fructose and 20% water. Unlike sugar, high-fructose corn syrup is significantly cheaper.

Corn syrup is widely used by manufacturers. Read the declarations and you will be surprised where you find it all. If we know that sugar is the main culprit for obesity, corn syrup eats the internal organs and in a high percentage also causes cancer.

As you read the declaration, be porous to something else. Corn syrup also occurs under the name glucose-fructose syrup, designated HFCS 42, or fructose-glucose syrup, designated HFCS 55.

And one more thing is characteristic of corn syrup: it causes an extremely high dependence.
Surely it has happened to you that at first you ate only one biscuit, and in the end, you ate the whole box. Check the declaration again and you will almost certainly find that corn syrup is present.

We all know what addiction alcohol causes. Sugar causes significantly greater dependence. Corn syrup only exacerbates this dependence. In the 1920s, sugar on addiction was on the same shelf as heroin and cocaine, and corn syrup was at least two shelves higher.
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