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How to recognize cancer from your hands
If you pay attention to your own hands, you may be able to discover any major body problem in time. Science dealing with organ connections is called Zang Fu.
Dry hands with split skin can be quite common, if you have done a lot of work in the garden, carried heavy objects and the like. However, if this happens to you randomly and suddenly and no cream is able to help, then we recommend that you visit a doctor.

Pay particular attention to how often your hands are swelling and how long quickly swelling disappears. If this happens occasionally, then you do not have to worry. However, if this is a more frequent occurrence, talk to your doctor as soon as possible, it will be very helpful if you can detect the cause.

A lot of people get swollen hands if they eat a particular food that does not suit them or if they have meals too late. The problem may also be certain combinations (pay attention to milk and dairy products, as well as wheat and gluten - these products are also in use where you would never expect it). Hands may also get swollen if you drink cold water in larger amounts(preferably drink lukewarm water in smaller quantities). And last but not least, you can get your hands swollen from lack of physical activity (you will not believe it, but kneading is the best exercise for your fingers).

Most of the time, the liver or kidneys are responsible for swollen hands, but this does not mean that the problem is necessarily there. It is known that the organs are interconnected. For example, patients with colon cancer often get lung cancer as well.

The special branch in traditional Chinese medicine, Zang Fu, deals only with the functioning of the internal organs and their connection.
Solid organs such as heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver are part of Zang. Their main function is to provide nourishment and produce essential vital substances.

Hollow organs belong to Fu group and these include small intestine, stomach, colon, bladder, gall bladder, uterus, brain, bones, veins and the brain. Their primary function is to receive and digest food, water and nutrients and to eliminate unusable substances.

If you observe problems with your kidneys, be sure to pay attention to the bladder as well.

If you have liver problems, you should also pay attention to the bile.

If you have heart problems, problems with the small intestine may hide in the background.
Problems with the spleen may be hiding gastric problems.

As said, the lungs are closely linked to the colon.

And there is one more thing about hands that you need to pay attention to. Hands like feet serve as control panel for the whole organism. By massaging certain points, you can greatly influence certain processes in the body, so pay attention to any problem that appears to you on your hands. Very often, before the disease breaks out, many experience pains that can reach all the way up to the shoulders. It can be pain due to poor blood circulation, tingling or joint problems.

Of course, every problem on your hands does not mean a serious illness, but it's still worth paying attention to them.
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