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Datum: 23. JUN 18 - GOOD TO KNOW
TOP 5 LCHF breakfasts
Is it healthy to start your day with carbohydrates? If possible, do not, because you will be hungry again half an hour later. Follow the tips below, and you'll have a better day.
With food it is just the opposite, as with your teeth. We brush our teeth for health in the evening, and in the morning, for beauty. But when it comes to food, breakfast is the one that affects our well-being throughout the day, while dinner is for 'beauty' - dinner fattens, breakfast does not. Of course, you should not just eat anything for breakfast.Carbohydrates will give you a lot of energy, but it will be depleted in half an hour, you will be hungrier than before, and thirsty, nervous ... Say goodbye to entire day! Fats on the other side will melt and emit energy more slowly, and the influence of good breakfast can last up to 5 hours. Therefore, the choice is clear: LCHF (few carbohydrates and more fat, protein instead )

1. Smoothie

Although it would have been better for teeth, digestion and mental health if one glass of strawberries was eaten one after the other, smoothie works as well. Especially, if you prepare it with fruit and vegetables. Cucumbers, or spinach, give the beverage an interesting color, and you can improve the taste with a spoonful of cocoa powder. Let this be your only sweetener.

2. Oatmeal

For many, oatmeal is a compulsory morning food, but you can make your own, healthier ones, and above all, you will know what you are eating. Take a quarter of a cup of oat bran and cook them in almond milk (you can also use coconut, just make sure to avoid cow's milk, especially if it's not homemade). Mix in egg white, because it weakens carbohydrates, and at the same time enriches the food with proteins. When everything cools, add the pieces of vegetables, fruits, and certainly no chocolate or m & m candy. Home-made "flakes" are good, bought ones are not.

3. Eggs

Eggs are great for breakfast, if you do not add sausages, bacon and other meat additives. Instead, increase the amount of vegetables or cheese. Have you ever tried to add egg white to smoothie? It works! It is without color and taste and happens to be extremely rich in proteins. Eggs are highly recommended, but do not exaggerate.

4. Vegetables

Vegetables are recommended in smoothies, eggs, flakes and of course, as an individual dish as well. Paprika, carrots, cucumbers, asparagus and even ordinary salad leaves contain a lot of fiber, help lower blood sugar, regulate insulin, prevent weight gains ... It may sound strange, but you should take carrot for lunch instead of apple which has plenty of sugar (it's similarly sweet, but healthier).

5. Coffee, tea

Coffee should not be on the list of healthy foods, but the occasional cup improves the level of insulin in the blood, and above all it calms you. We must know that everything is not just about physical condition, but also mental. So, feel free to calmly drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. 70% of the energy consumed for breakfast is consumed by the brain.

TOP 5 LCHF breakfasts
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