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Datum: 22. APR 18 - GOOD TO KNOW
Trick, how to sweeten your drinks and lose weight at the same time
Sugar is dangerous, but the trick of how to sweeten without sugar is so simple...

Sugar causes a whole range of problems, and the worst is the dependence that is even greater than the one caused by alcohol or nicotine. Being dependent on sugar will make you fat, and diabetes is definitely a plague of the third millennium. If we eat too much sugar in combination with fats, the kilograms will accumulate even faster.

If you cannot resist sweet taste, but you want to get rid of sugar addiction, then try this trick.

The best alternative to sugar is coconut oil, which also happens to be very healthy. Coconut oil has a lot of triglycerides, which are healthy fats and give your body energy. In addition, it regulates blood sugar, stimulates the functioning of the brain, slows down the aging process, prevents depression and other mood swings. Coconut oil also takes care of the hormonal balance, that's why middle-aged women should consume it even more often.

For starters, you can use it in the kitchen. Every meal made with coconut oil is better and healthier than the one prepared with vegetable oil.

But the best is water "sweetened" with coconut oil. It's enough to dissolve a spoonful of coconut oil in a glass of water and you will get a very refreshing drink rich in electrolytes.

If you drink three glasses of enriched water per day, your digestion will be regulated, the immune system will be strengthened and you will lose weight.
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