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A Trick for Those Who Can't Sleep Because of the Heat
The quality of sleep greatly affects health, mood, productivity... So, in these hot days, use this simple trick.
The weather is changing, becoming more extreme, and heatwaves are no longer unusual. Data shows that the Earth is warming 140 times faster than predicted. The problem of excessive heat is increasingly reflecting on our health. Certain diseases are on the rise because the heart, blood vessels, and brain are among the most burdened by high temperatures. So, what can be done?

The heat itself is not the problem. The problem is if it lasts too long, and you haven't been able to sleep for several days. In this case, we recommend two things:
  • for dinner, eat only green leafy vegetables or watermelon, as this will cool you from the inside

  • the second tip is to fold the sheet you sleep on and the one you cover yourself with, put them in a bag, and then place them in the freezer for a few minutes about an hour before bedtime.
Bed linen cooled in the freezer has two advantages:
  • when you go to bed, it feels cool, and you will fall asleep more easily and quickly (this is the biggest problem during severe heatwaves)
  • due to the cooling, you will destroy a large number of mites, and such bed linen feels much cleaner and fresher
If you think that cooling the bed linen this way is too much effort, you should try it. Only the next day, when you wake up rested and full of energy, will you be able to better evaluate if it was worth it.
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