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Datum: 7. JUL 24 - GOOD TO KNOW
8 Beliefs That Many People Hold, But Aren't True
We often fall under the influence of common beliefs, even though there is no evidence to support them. Always keep in mind that things we are convinced are true today may prove to be inaccurate over the years.
1. Vitamin C protects us from colds
This is an old myth that has never been proven. We only know that excessive amounts of vitamin C cannot protect us from virus attacks.

2. Eggs are a source of bad cholesterol
Not true. The cholesterol level in the body is linked to saturated and trans fats. One egg contains 1.5 grams of fat and 0 grams of trans fats.

3. Celery has negative calories
Negative calories don't actually exist, but there are foods for which the body uses more energy to process than they provide. Celery is also a diuretic and a common companion in weight loss diets. In reality, 100 grams of celery have 6 to 10 calories.

4. Fewer carbohydrates for better health and a slim figure
The LCHF (low carb high fat) diet is well known, where you shouldn't eat any carbohydrates. The Atkins diet and several other protein diets also exclude carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates are necessary for the body, nutritionists lean towards the 80-10-10 diet, which consists of 80% fruits and vegetables, 10% proteins, and 10% fats. The problem with carbohydrates is not in themselves, but in the quantities and ratios that we consume.

5. Cranberry juice cures urinary tract infections
Cranberry juice is as powerless against the E. coli bacteria as any other juice. You can't theoretically drink enough of it to actually reach a concentration that would be medicinal. Of course, we're talking about direct effects.

6. Spicy food causes stomach ulcers
Spicy food can only harm if you already have an ulcer or are allergic to a particular spice. Spices don't cause stomach sores any more than any other food you're allergic to.

7. Low-fat food is healthier
This applies when we think of unprocessed food (less fatty fish is healthier than fatty fish). However, when it comes to processed food, the lack of one ingredient can upset the balance, completely altering the food. The body then reacts differently to the altered structure, and a common danger is that manufacturers add sugar and other unhealthy fats to compensate for the lack of fats.

8. Raw food is healthier
This is only partially true. In reality, some elements only begin to form with thermal processing, while some are destroyed by cooking. The problem with modern diets is that we almost don't eat raw food anymore, and the solution is similar to that with carbohydrates. Ratios are important. We need to eat more raw food because we have almost forgotten about it.
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