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5 Carcinogenic Foods We Eat Every Day
Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer, but this traumatic experience can be successfully avoided with some caution in our diet.
1. Fried Food
The most carcinogenic food is fried food due to the thermally processed fats. Because the cooking temperature is high, carcinogenic compounds are formed in the fats, which are very dangerous to health. In addition to fried food, roasted potatoes also fall into this group.

2. Canned Food
Do not eat food and drinks from cans. Do not eat canned tomato paste. Food in cans is equally harmful due to preservatives and the harmful coatings on the inside of the cans. Note also that pizza toppings in restaurants are often also from cans, as well as jams, fish, meat... Instead of food and drinks in cans or tins, choose glass packaging.

3. Microwave Food
Pancreatic and liver cancers are most often caused by a chemical found on the inside of bags for microwave popcorn. Equally harmful is all other food intended for preparation in these ovens, so avoid this type of quick food preparation. If you had to choose between microwave popcorn and bagged popcorn, the latter is healthier.

4. Processed Meat
Some time ago, we wrote about the dangerous additives in processed meat on Nitrites, which are found in enormous quantities in these products, are most responsible for the spread of tumors, and preservatives are also responsible for a number of other diseases. In addition, it should be noted that too much red meat causes breast, colon, and pancreatic cancer.

5. Sugar
Knowledge about healthy eating is constantly changing, and quite rapidly. Thirty years ago, cholesterol was blamed for everything; today, sugar has taken over the burden of the main culprit. To understand how we are victims of cunning marketing tricks. The saddest part is that even those we fund from our budget to trust are bribable and led by the command of capital. Perhaps you didn't know, but the taste of sugar as we consume it today is not natural. Watch a baby when they first taste something sweet. It will seem bitter, unnatural, even unpleasant to them.
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