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The Incredible Effects of Prune Juice
Prunes are considered one of the best foods for regulating digestion, improving anemia, and offering many other important benefits. Try it ...
Prunes are among the best fruits in our region. Although we often eat prunes around Christmas, you should treat yourself to them in the summer as well, when your body needs the help of prunes the most.

What's it about?

Prunes regulate, heal, and ease intestinal issues. Even in ancient times, they were used to relieve constipation – for both adults and children. The juice is a mild natural laxative, and since it contains a lot of iron and other minerals, it should be one of the most important foods we know.

Although apple and pear juices have similar properties, they do not compare to prune juice.

Prune juice regulates cholesterol. It contains a lot of chlorogenic acid, which reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Additionally, it protects against brain and vascular damage that could be caused by too many free radicals. It protects the heart and stabilizes blood pressure (it contains a lot of potassium, which keeps the heart healthy). Since we live in a time when teenage diabetes is on the rise, all industrially sweetened drinks should be replaced with prune juice for this reason alone. We cannot overlook the huge amount of fiber found in prunes, which act as a great cleanser. And we must highlight another advantage: prune juice contains minerals and vitamins that strengthen hair follicles, making hair stronger and shinier.

How to Prepare Prune Juice?

Simply: soak prunes in water overnight. The next morning, remove the pits and blend everything in a mixer. Dilute the juice as needed.

At first, pay attention to how prunes affect your digestion. Initially, drink only one glass of diluted juice per day, later you can drink more, but no more than three.

You can improve the taste by adding a bit of homemade apple juice.
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