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Do children need dietary supplements?
Vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, iodine... Today, pharmacies and stores are flooded with products enriched with synthetic vitamins. Is this good for children?
Products that have added vitamins and minerals certainly impact a child's mood, immediate behavior, and of course, their health. Some foods make children more energetic and aggressive, while others, for example, calm them down. Some foods increase brain activity, while others help with sleep. Parents quickly realize how certain foods affect their children's current mood, but the impact of such enriched food on their long-term health is still not fully discovered.

Nutritionists are divided. Some say that synthetic vitamins make the body lazy. Others are concerned about the fact that today's food, even if it is organic and eco-friendly, contains significantly fewer nutrients than the food of our grandparents. However, all agree that synthetic vitamins and minerals leave traces in the body that can develop into something harmful to health over the years.

Blood analysis among young people in our country shows that our children do not have enough iron, they are chronically deficient in vitamin D, iodine, fluoride, essential omega-3 fatty acids... Because of this, children are more aggressive, irritable, have difficulty learning, and have problems with reading and writing.

Ultimately, a combination of natural vitamin D and iodine improves metabolism, sleep, and appetite. Iron strengthens the immune system and prevents anemia... However, this only applies if they are natural elements.

And the truth about added synthetic vitamins: the fact is that the body is capable of producing vitamins on its own; it just needs healthy and solid building blocks. Synthetic vitamins exploit this fact, while not providing the body with the materials to build new cells. Therefore, such vitamins are of little benefit to us. When it comes to children, their digestion becomes increasingly numb and immune to portions of synthetic vitamins, even when healthy and fresh foods are on the plate.

So, are dietary supplements good for children?

The answer is clear: no.
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