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Lazy Diet: How to Lose Weight Without Effort
The lazy diet means you don't have to exercise, nor do you have to drastically change your diet, and after 5 days you'll be 5 kilograms lighter. Oh, and you mustn't be hungry either... Sounds promising, right?
Effortless weight loss is indeed a populist title, but it contains a grain of truth. This diet was originally created for those who, for various reasons, cannot exercise adequately (pregnant women, hospital patients, even the elderly), but it quickly proved beneficial for those who come home tired and consider the refrigerator and television their best friends.

Believe me, it's worth considering the following rules. Start following them as soon as possible, and your figure will be immensely grateful.

Rule number 1: drink enough water
Water is a very important factor in weight loss. Only if the body has enough fluids can it lose weight. Therefore, drink as much as possible, or a little more than is optimal for your body.

When drinking, keep in mind... 20 minutes before each meal, even before snacks, drink a glass of warm water, and one hour after a meal (even the smallest ones) drink a cup of green tea.

Rule number 2: diet
The good thing about the lazy diet is that you must never starve and you must never be hungry. You need to eat at least 5 meals a day, always at the same time! It is true that you can eat between 8 AM and 8 PM, but not in between. Moreover, you must not eat anything made of flour, nothing fried, nothing from animal fats, and nothing sweet. You must adhere to this rule very precisely because even a spoonful of sugar can ruin all your effort.

It is important to follow this rule for at least 5 days, then you can indulge a little for a day. But don't overdo it. If your craving for sweets is too overwhelming, mix plain yogurt with a teaspoon or two of honey. Salads also reduce the craving for sweets...

Rule number 3: eat as much as you can hold in a fist
People are different, and it's hard to prescribe the same amount of food to someone who weighs a hundred kilograms and is two meters tall as to someone who is shorter. Therefore, nutritionists suggest that your fist is the most optimal measure (3 fists for breakfast and lunch, 2 fists for dinner, and 1 fist for both snacks). Portions should be as big as you can hold in a fist. Use this method to measure exclusively non-vegetable food, and among vegetables, limit yourself to those that grow underground (especially potatoes). The only thing you can eat in unlimited quantities is green vegetables (spinach, lettuce, broccoli...).

And calories... Count them. You should not consume more than 80 percent of the prescribed amount per day. In practice, this means that you should eat 500 calories less per day than prescribed.

If you follow these rules, many nutritionists guarantee that you will lose 5 kilograms in 5 days.
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