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Why it is dangerous to have these foods for breakfast
We present to you 7 foods you should avoid, especially for breakfast on an empty stomach ...
1. Alcohol
Alcohol for breakfast accelerates aging. Additionally, alcohol can cause hormonal imbalances, increase acne, lower the immune system, which can lead to digestive issues. Most dangerously, alcohol causes dehydration, making your face constantly puffy. Never drink alcohol in the morning, even as an addition to coffee or other foods. Never!

2. Rice cakes
Rice cakes, patties, anything made of rice for breakfast can be harmful. Rice in pastries accelerates aging, causes more wrinkles on the face, and primarily inhibits brain function. The biggest problem with all rice cakes is the lack of nutritional value. They contain nothing!

3. Sushi
Did you know that the famous Japanese delicacy causes premature aging and increases the number of pimples on your face? The main issue is the high concentration of salt, which causes dehydration of internal organs, and salt consumed in the morning is very hard to get rid of. Therefore, you need to drink a lot of water with sushi. Some nutritionists even recommend sleeping with wet compresses on your face. So, do not eat sushi in the morning, even if you have leftovers from the previous night.

4. Dairy products
Cow's milk contains growth hormones that worsen the function of sebaceous glands and make the skin oilier. Moreover, it is really difficult today (if even possible?!) to get healthy milk because cows are increasingly fed genetically modified corn and soy, which affects the milk and all other dairy products (cheese, curd, even yogurt and kefir). Additionally, 75% of the world's population is lactose intolerant, which further causes eczema all over the body (most commonly on hands). Does this mean goat's milk is better than cow's milk? It is, but the dangers are similar. If you cannot go without milk, opt for plant-based milk instead.

5. Cereals
Yes, even seemingly harmless grains can be harmful to the skin. Do not believe the labels saying natural, as they might be genetically modified products causing itching, allergies, and acne. Moreover, using the pressing method, manufacturers sell the healthy substances differently, leaving the cereals with only toxic substances that grains use to fight off being eaten. I must not forget that the purpose of cereal seeds in nature is for the plant to reproduce naturally. Additionally, "natural" flakes often contain more than 5 grams of sugar per serving, which is often more than other ingredients.

6. Processed meat
The most common reason why your face looks swollen and puffy is too many processed meat products for breakfast. Among the least desirable are ham, bacon, and other cured meats, as they contain a lot of sodium, a lot of salt, which bloats and destroys collagen and elastin in the skin. Most nutritionists advise against eating meat for breakfast, and certainly not every day.

7. Juices
The problem with juices (both natural and store-bought) is the high concentration of sugar, which in this case is more harmful than any possible vitamins (which are also not always as many as the packaging claims). Moreover, juices have almost no fiber, which cleanses the intestines and is the main advantage of fresh fruit. The most problematic is lemonade, which can cause chemical burns and damage to the skin when exposed to the sun. Therefore, fresh, whole fruit is much better than juices or peeled fruit.
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