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Dangers of Grilling That No One Told You About
Grilled meat carries some harmful aspects that everyone should be aware of. Be especially careful with children!
Grilled food is one of the oldest methods of cooking, but like with all things, any excess can be harmful. Particularly because the dangers accumulate...

The most harmful aspect of grilling is the smoke, which has extreme mutagenic effects (creating so-called PAH compounds). The fine particles we inhale carry a multitude of carcinogenic PAH compounds that accumulate in the lungs and are very persistent. Unfortunately, these compounds do not only enter the body through the lungs but also through the skin and mucous membranes (especially the eyes).

The good news is that the concentration of these particles is critical at two meters from the grill, then it drops sharply.

Various studies on workers in restaurants where grilled dishes are prepared confirm an extremely high percentage of colon cancer, which is believed to be caused by heterocyclic amines' mutagenic activities (these are carcinogenic bacterial mutagens that form during the thermal preparation of protein-rich food). These substances usually form at temperatures higher than 150 degrees Celsius, and the proportion is especially high in fatty foods (particularly meat).

On the other hand, this food is rich in dietary fiber, which lowers cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. Fiber-rich food shortens the contact time of carcinogenic substances in the stool with the intestines, reducing the risk of malignant changes.

This means that we must always combine grilled dishes with fresh vegetables and freshly cooked vegetables.

Always pair grilled fish or meat with raw vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions) and cooked foods (chard, potatoes). Moreover, if possible, do not stay near the grill while cooking, and always marinate the meat before grilling.

Marinades enrich both fish and meat with antioxidants that neutralize carcinogens. The more garlic and onions in the marinade, the better. Additionally, marinades tenderize the meat, making it easier to digest.

Finally, a warning: grilled dishes are of course not dangerous if consumed occasionally. However, if we add a walk, social games with children or friends to the barbecue feast, the overall picture is much more positive and healthy than a usual cooked lunch followed by a rest on the couch...

If we look at grill activities individually, we do find some harmful aspects. But when we look at the whole picture, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
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