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If You Clean Your Nose This Way, Stop Immediately!
Cleaning your nose is very important, especially because a large percentage of people do it aggressively and too often. Your nose will thank you.
It's normal to clean your nose occasionally, but heavy blowing and pressing are not good. This can cause capillaries to burst, create damage in the nasal cavity, and we shouldn't forget that dirty hands, mouths, and nasal mucosa are the most common ways bacteria enter the body.

Scientists have highlighted another problem with wind simulations. Due to fast, aggressive, and strong blowing, the accumulated nasal material can move to places it shouldn't, and we must remember that harmful bacteria can be deposited in the body this way.

You should clean your nose slowly, without pressing or overdoing it. Even healthier would be inhaling saline water. The healthiest approach is to clean it when your body signals you to.

How does your nose signal that it needs cleaning?

When you can't breathe through your nose with your mouth closed, it means there's not enough oxygen reaching your brain through your nose.

And how often should you clean your nose?

No, you don't need to do it every hour; optimally, it's every other day (also depending on whether you've been in dusty environments). Remember, proper nose care can reduce the risk of infections by 30 percent.

Also, now you understand why picking your nose with your finger is bad: it's not just unattractive, but also unhealthy. With dirty hands, the risk of infection increases almost tenfold.
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