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How to Eat Eggs Healthily
Eggs are a common part of breakfasts, but experimenting with them is even more frequent. Unfortunately, many people don't know what this means and what they are playing with ...
Nutritionists warn that experimenting with the preparation of eggs means experimenting with their nutrients.

The most important thing is choosing healthy fat. The oil needs to be stable at the highest possible temperatures, which means the best options are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or butter.

A boiled egg is better than a fried one, but if you eat a boiled egg in a vegetable salad with nuts, then this is the best way to use eggs. In general, even fried eggs are better if you prepare them with vegetables (peppers, onions) and nuts.

And one more thing: salt is not recommended, but pepper is. We must not forget that pepper has a lot of vitamin C, which eggs lack.
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