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Why 42 Degrees Celsius Is Important for Your Health
Have you ever wondered why all thermometers for measuring fever only go up to 42 degrees Celsius? The reason is shocking!
42 degrees Celsius is a very important temperature. Not only because a human dies at temperatures above this threshold, but also because it greatly affects our daily diet.

At 43 degrees Celsius, all the enzymes that the body needs to digest food die. The absorption of vitamins and minerals also significantly decreases. If food is exposed to temperatures above 43 degrees Celsius for just 3 minutes, its nutritional properties are reduced by 50 to 80%. Keep this in mind the next time you cook or leave vegetables in the car or any other hot, sun-exposed place.

We need to understand that humans are similar to seeds that come to life when they are at the right temperature and have enough water. Seeds only start to germinate when enzymes activate and wake the seed from its slumber. The same goes for our digestion. Food that is closed off and sleepy due to high temperatures is not very beneficial to us, no matter how healthy, green, and eco-bio produced it is.

The next thing we need to consider is the fact that all living beings, including humans, run on solar energy. What blood is to us, chlorophyll is to plants, and thanks to evolution, chlorophyll can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. After all, plants are more exposed to the sun and also to higher temperature differences between day and night.

If we ourselves are not active enough in the sun, we can help ourselves with food rich in chlorophyll. That's why green smoothies and green vegetables are so important, and the 70 degrees Celsius threshold means that all green vegetables are healthier to eat raw.

Additionally, we should note that white blood cells participate in the digestion of cooked food because the body thinks it's under attack by a foreign substance.

Why 42 Degrees Celsius Is Important for Your Health
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