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What should you not eat in warm weather?
Summer is a time of year when it's particularly important to avoid certain foods. Not only because they can lead to weight gain, but also because they are unhealthy.
Due to high summer temperatures, it's important to know how certain foods affect the body. If you're feeling hot, it's not good to eat food that will heat you up further.

Too many spices
Spices enhance and improve the taste of dishes, often regulate digestion, and warm the body. In summer, when temperatures are high, it's awkward if the body heats up further due to food.

Meat and meat sauces
Meat can cause excessive sweating and digestive problems, even in small amounts. In summer, avoid all types of meat, including chicken and fish. As with everything, the golden rule applies to meat: any excess is harmful to health.

Fatty foods
All foods high in fat slow down digestion, which is a problem every day of the year, not just in summer. If possible, avoid picnic meat, or at least eat three times less meat than vegetables. Too much meat can also lead to poisoning.
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