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5 tips on how to check if you're really hungry
You know, people eat with their eyes, and our brains convince us that we're hungry even though we ate just a few minutes ago. And that's what makes us gain weight.
Research has shown that in half the cases when we think we're hungry, we're actually thirsty... And if we add the calories we consume while watching cooking shows and looking at mouth-watering photos, you understand how important it is to remember these 5 tips in moments of weakness. If you answer NO to all of them, then you're definitely hungry. But if you answer YES to at least one question, reconsider whether it's worth raiding the fridge...

1. Did you last eat less than 3, or more than 4 hours ago?
If you ate less than three hours ago (including snacks), then you're definitely not hungry. If you did, it's a sign you didn't eat properly, and it's better to wait before eating again. Improper nutrition means it's unbalanced, you might be missing fiber, proteins, minerals... Mostly, people overeat carbohydrates and then feel hungry quickly.

And don't forget another rule. If you last ate more than 4 hours ago, that's not good either because, in this case, you're starving your body, it switches to conservation mode, and even if it seems like you're not eating much, your body accumulates reserves out of fear of shortage. Ideally, we should eat 5 small meals a day.

2. Do you feel good?
Calm down for a moment, think about every organ in your body, your muscles, your mood... If you honestly find that you're not lacking anything, then you're not hungry either. In case of real hunger, you become irritable, low on energy, sleepy... If this happens, be very careful because your body needs energy, not worthless, impoverished food.

3. Did you think about food less than 15 minutes ago?
When watching cooking shows, browsing for recipes online, and constantly looking at delicious food in photos, your eyes are hungry. Look away from the goodies for a few minutes, wait at least 15 minutes, and then think again if you're really hungry or if it's just a reflection of what you're seeing.

The same rule applies while eating. Eat slowly and take breaks so your stomach can send a signal to your brain when you're full. Remember, this signal takes 15 minutes or more to reach the brain, so every meal should last at least half an hour. In this case, your brain will tell you when to stop overeating.

4. Are you craving a specific food?
If you're craving pizza, kebabs, chocolate, ice cream... then you're definitely not hungry. Avoid such foods unconditionally because it's a sign of emotional overeating, which is the most dangerous and fattening.

5. Do you have a problem with the "vegetarian test"?
The vegetarian test means trying to imagine a meal consisting only of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and similar. Would such a meal satisfy you? If the answer is no, then you're almost certainly not hungry.

And an additional explanation: why is the rumbling of the stomach not a sign of hunger?

If there are different sounds coming from the stomach, then that's not a sign of hunger. In fact, it means that the stomach is doing its job well and completing the digestion process, which means pushing the food forward towards the intestines. The so-called "rumbling" of the stomach is not a bad thing, and you don't need to rush to the fridge at the first sound of the stomach.
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