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What to eat before bed without gaining weight
Are you among the majority who can't resist taking a peek in the fridge before bed?
The fridge can be your friend if you know what you can eat in the evening without it showing on the scale. Although a meal before bed isn't a wise decision, especially if you plan to eat a plateful of fatty and heavy food, the tips below can save you a lot of worries, and some can even help you lose weight.

1. Low-fat sour cream
A cup of sour cream, slowly eaten with a spoon, will give you a lot of healthy proteins and fats. Sour cream should be your dinner substitute, but you can have two cups, at least two hours before bed.

2. White chicken meat
White chicken meat has a lot of quality proteins and very little fat. A few pieces will definitely not harm you.

3. Hard cheese
Cheese before bed is not a big sin. It has few calories and creates a feeling of fullness.

4. Low-fat chocolate pudding
One cup of low-fat chocolate pudding has 90 calories, creates a pleasant pressure in the stomach, making you less hungry, improves sleep, and is healthy if you make it yourself and use chocolate with at least 70% cocoa (don't buy other chocolates).

5. Banana
A banana before bed has a lot of fiber, and minerals, calms you, improves sleep, and is not on the list of foods that cause weight gain. A banana in the evening is even recommended.

6. Whole grain cereals
Add a few tablespoons of oatmeal or cornflakes to a glass of low-fat milk (2 dcl)... Such a dinner is very filling and has less than 200 calories. Of course, this means you should skip a proper dinner.
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