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Datum: 25. MAR 18 - GOOD TO KNOW
Have you been tricked with plastic rice yet?
Yes, the big hit of rice producers is plastic rice. It is cheaper, it does not need to be produced, has zero nutritional value and is very toxic. How do you recognize it?
There is plenty of "plastic" rice on the market, which they sell as real. It probably does not need to be specifically emphasized that this is an extremely irresponsible substitute, but profit seeking seems to be more important. Much more than human health.

China, as the largest rice exporter, produces 200 million tonnes of rice annually. They are exported to all countries of the world. The media reports a lot about harmful substances, excessive use of pesticides and the presence of heavy metals, but this does not affect sales. The demand for rice is higher than the supply, therefore brokers, sometimes also traders, help with artificial rice.
What is it about?

Artificial or plastic rice is obtained if the corn starch is mixed with a suitable synthetic resin, and the mixture is then formulated into rice grains. Those who make more effort even add the aroma of real rice in the end, and the consumer has no idea what kind of rice it actually is.

If you eat 3 rice meals per day, this is the same as eating a plastic bag.


We recommend that you check what kind of rice you are consuming. The test is simple and will quickly help you to separate the grains from the weeds.

Put a spoon of rice in a cup of cold water and stir gently. Wait a few moments, and if the grains flow to the top, throw such rice away.

Another experiment is done by burning some grains. If you notice the scent of plastic, then you will know it is not real rice.
And the third test. Grind the rice. Real ground rice is white, and artificial or plastic is yellow. Yellow is the color of flavors and other additives that they add in order to trick us.
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