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Don't Give Up Bread
45% of the necessary daily energy can be easily obtained from bread or pasta, so don't avoid them.
Eliminating bread or pasta from your diet is not a wise decision. Especially if you don't know how to replace the deficit otherwise. The problem is not with bread itself but with the quantity.

Carbohydrates are a vital part of food and ensure a stable temperature in the body. This is important both in winter and in summer. However, carbohydrates come in various forms such as sugar, starch, glycogen, all of which are important elements in the liver and muscles. If you give up on them, you must have a good understanding of the processes that occur in our bodies.

Nutritionists see the biggest problem with proteins, which the body can use as basic building blocks to replace dead cells, or as fuel for energy when other elements are lacking. Using proteins for energy, however, is a bad scenario that can even harm the body.

The downside of sugar in the form of carbohydrates is that it suppresses appetite, leading to false hunger and ultimately obesity.

But that's not all...

Carbohydrates in the form of sugar also harm teeth and often internal organs.

Experience shows that one should not consume less than 70% of the prescribed daily energy intake per day. If you eat less, it's much healthier to indulge in bread before the end of the day. Why?

While industrial bread may not contain many nutrients, homemade bread made from selected ingredients can actually strengthen the body. Such bread, under such conditions, does not cause weight gain or harm to the body.

Furthermore, cold pasta or bread break down more slowly, so it takes longer for them to enter the bloodstream, which is also much less dangerous.

So, if you stick to prescribed quantities and haven't indulged in the past week, proteins from healthy sources are highly recommended...

Of course, all in moderation.
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