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Do you know the difference between farmed and wild salmon?
Not every fish is a healthy fish. Many nutritionists even advise against consuming farmed fish.
I know that farmed fish are less healthy than those living in their natural environment. Unfortunately, the latter are much more expensive and often hard to come by. Many nutritionists even recommend eating fish for health, but only those caught in the wild. Avoid farmed fish because they contain a lot of dyes, antibiotics, and pesticides.

Unfortunately, this also applies to salmon and tuna, which are considered healthy fish due to their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and iodine, as well as to catfish or pangasius, which are mainly farmed in Vietnam, where the rivers are heavily polluted.

How to recognize a healthy fish?

Experts say that trout from a natural environment have a pink hue on their fins, while farmed fish are completely gray. Of course, there are also significant differences among fish farms, and farmed trout can have a pink hue if they are fed organic food. However, this hue is less intense.

The biggest difference in meat structure is seen in salmon. Color has long ceased to be a criterion because there are dietary supplements that color the flesh of fish, so the most reliable visual criterion is to choose a fish with narrower fat lines.

This rule also applies to tuna: the thinner the fat lines, the healthier the fish has lived.
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