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Weeds that heal the stomach, liver, kidneys, and Lyme disease
Wild teasel has remarkable healing effects, as it was once used to treat jaundice, remove warts, cleanse the body, and today doctors agree that it is an effective complementary treatment for Lyme disease.
The Latin name for wild teasel is dipsacus fullonum. The first to accurately describe this plant was Charles Darwin, who always carried a bouquet of teasel with him. He used it to ward off mites and insects.

The root of wild teasel is used to relieve joint pain, knee pain, bone pain, and tissue pain. It alleviates symptoms of osteoporosis, reduces inflammation and swelling. It is an excellent remedy for detoxifying the liver and kidneys, and it also improves digestion. In ancient times, the root of wild teasel was used to treat bladder inflammation, especially Lyme disease.

The leaves of the plant were once used to remove acne and warts, ointments were used to alleviate joint problems, and the root was used to strengthen the health of the stomach, cleanse the liver, treat jaundice... Wild teasel was often used to treat skin diseases in the past, and in modern times, it is highly valued as a homeopathic remedy.

In our areas, we know at least three types of teasel: wild, divided-leaved, and hairy, and cultivated forms are also common. It is important to know that only wild teasel is medicinal, as it contains sufficient amounts of saponins, iridoids, and phenylpropanoids. Modern research has shown that teasel is most commonly used in folk medicine as a tincture, which is not as effective as natural extracts with the addition of cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and gelatin. In general, wild teasel is poorly researched, but the fact is that more and more people are turning to it, especially those who have been disappointed by conventional medicine and are turning to natural remedies.

If you decide to consume wild teasel regularly, there is something else important: only by changing your dietary habits will you achieve maximum effect. You must avoid sugar, coffee, meat, alcohol, and white flour, and you must also pay attention to getting enough sleep.

Weeds that heal the stomach, liver, kidneys, and Lyme disease
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