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Be cautious with grilled food
There's nothing better than grilling lunch, sipping a glass of wine, and casually chatting with neighbors about the weather. But it also has its downsides. Do you know what they are?
The problem with grilling lies in the calories, as it's statistically proven that we consume three times more calories when the food is grilled compared to otherwise. If a typical meal ranges between 500 and 700 calories, a grilled lunch can easily reach 1800 calories!

A recent study conducted among barbecue enthusiasts in the Benelux countries showed that 61% of grillers consume significantly more than usual: women on average 2000 calories, men 2500 calories. The remaining 39% only seem to control themselves in appearance, as no one consumed less than 900 calories in one meal.

Of course, behind these alarming numbers, there's also the fact that the meal includes large amounts of drinks, particularly sweet, calorie-laden beverages, not to mention beer.

At first glance, one might logically conclude that people gain weight in the summer, which is true, but they also move more than in winter, which compensates for most, although 11% of them complain every year that they're heavier in autumn than in spring.

But what about the benefits of grilling?

If only the above data were considered, smarter countries than ours would probably have already introduced additional taxes on grilling. Barbecue feasts are usually outdoors, which means people get vitamins D and E. Barbecue lunches typically include plenty of vegetables, and this year it was especially trendy to grill fruit. And last but not least: a typical lunch lasts 13 minutes, while a barbecue lunch lasts almost 2 hours. We eat barbecue food much slower.

So, if we could restrain ourselves regarding quantities, it would be highly advisable to fire up the grill even on colder days."
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