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Do you only eat when you're hungry?
If we ate only when our bodies needed energy and nutrients, then we wouldn't have problems with weight.
Unfortunately, we humans tend to eat with our eyes, eat out of boredom, and very often we eat just because without being aware of it. The worst part is when we go all day without eating, then overeat in the evening, and rush through breakfast and lunch thinking we've solved the problem.

It's not that simple!

The key question is: are you eating because of hunger, or is it an emotional state, a mood?

It's crucial to know when you last ate and stick to the 4-hour rule. If a meal is rich in nutrients and energy, it should keep you satisfied for 4 hours. If not, you've eaten wrong and should try to change or supplement that next time. Snacking between meals is often responsible for extra pounds on the scale.

If you want to eat healthily, prepare a healthy meal in advance.

Plan ahead. It's crucial not to succumb to hunger pangs but to have a stock of seeds, nuts, whole grain bread, fruits, vegetables... prepared for all your weak moments. Once you figure out what food you need, you'll also be able to shop more rationally. Don't stock your fridge with food that can mislead you...

Uncontrolled overeating

The most dangerous food is what we eat in front of the TV. Not because it's actually dangerous, but because our minds are elsewhere, our brains don't control how much and what we've eaten, and then the worst happens. Among the mysteries of the human body is the fact that the stomach and brain aren't connected.

However, there is a way to eat in front of the TV. Only do so if you're on an exercise bike and burning the calories you're consuming.

Always have healthy snacks on hand

Healthy snacks include almonds, bananas, raisins, chocolate with 70% cocoa and more... Avoid sweet and salty snacks, processed food (mostly salty dishes anyway), even fruit juices aren't recommended...

From all of this, it's not hard to see that people would eat when we're hungry, but there are so many distracting elements around us that we simply forget when and what we're eating.
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