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Foods You Should Definitely Remove from Your Diet
Statistics say that digestion slows down after the age of 50, but nutritionists add that this isn't entirely true. When the slowdown occurs depends on each individual's body and is influenced by the food we eat daily.
Choosing healthy food isn't always easy. Mostly because preparation and selection take a lot of time, and even then, it's not always as we'd like it. Nowadays, appearance often matters more than nutritional value.

Nutritionists agree that when you notice your body working slower (usually noticed by irregular bowel movements), try to consume 250 fewer calories daily than usual, eat more fruits, more vegetables, and lean proteins. You don't have to overdo it with physical activity either. Moderate exercise is much healthier than sticking to the level when your body was still in prime condition.

A slower biorhythm also means you should avoid sausages, processed meats, bacon, and all other cured meats. Do you know why? Because of the large, really large amounts of salt! Besides, these foods are fatty, processed, and almost entirely devoid of nutritional value. Except for unnecessary calories (excessive energy value, which only contributes to weight gain and doesn't aid a more vital body).

Protein bars and chocolates are full of sugar and other industrial ingredients. Often, they contain soy protein powder that has been treated with pesticides. Also, beware of "street food" (fast food bought on the street), as most of this food is cooked in old, oversaturated oil. You should already remove such snacks from your diet without these warnings.

And one more warning... When women enter menopause, sugar metabolism almost completely stops. The same happens with carbohydrates, which should be limited.

In any case, remove red meat from your diet.
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