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3 Foods that Stick to Your Stomach
If you want to control your weight, then avoid these three foods that disrupt digestion.
To achieve the perfect figure, you don't need to go on a strict diet; it's enough to simply avoid these foods that leave a trail of destruction in the stomach. The biggest horror is that just one piece of these foods can have negative effects on the body for up to three days afterward. And no, it's not just about accumulating excess and unwanted fat; the consequences also affect blood tests, the functioning of internal organs, and a completely out-of-sync internal biological clock.

Do you know what's most harmful to our digestion?

1. Potato Chips
Potato chips can create a wall that simply stops digestive processes. Moreover, chips are the biggest culprit for the obesity pandemic that has hit us in recent years, and to make the problem even worse, the issues are particularly prevalent among young people.

When comparing chips to regular potatoes, sweet drinks, and processed meat products, the "winner" is clear. Chips contain a huge amount of salt, harmful fats, and substances that literally stick to the walls of the stomach, hindering the metabolism of other foods.

If you eat just a few grams of chips, it will take three days to get back to your previous rhythm. Of course, that's if you don't indulge again in the meantime. With chips, or something else.

2. Doughnuts
Doughnuts may look tempting and taste irresistible, but even the recipe alone reveals that they are full of carbohydrates, which significantly raise blood sugar levels. Besides creating an undigestible and insurmountable wall in the stomach, the feeling of fullness they provide lasts only a few minutes. After eating a doughnut, you will definitely be hungry again in 5 minutes, even if you weren't before. The problem of the fat deposits created by doughnuts is insurmountable for the human body. Horrible!

3. Margarine
You've surely seen diet margarine or margarine with 0% fat on store shelves, right? If you know a little about how margarine is made, then you know that's not possible. The problem with margarine doesn't appear immediately but gradually. Margarine quantities increase gradually, and in the body, a dependency forms that is considered one of the worst (greater than alcohol addiction or sugar addiction). Over time, the amounts of margarine become uncontrollable, the intestinal villi whose task is to absorb nutrients become inactive, and you can eat huge amounts of food without getting any nutrients from it. This weight gain is the most dangerous because the meals of the consumed food become uncontrollable, which can lead to overload and even failure of internal organs.

And the biggest problem: you can't undo the negative effects of margarine sooner than a week, often not even within a month.

Detoxifying the body from these foods is certainly very lengthy.
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