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12 Steps to a Leaner Body
If you follow at least some of these tips, you'll lose weight without a special diet. It might turn out that the secret to a lean body lies right in these tips.
The weight loss process is as complex as the weight gain process. In other words: losing weight must be as easy, otherwise it's not weight loss, just as you didn't need a diet to gain weight. Only if the diet is equally simple can you expect to lose weight in a healthy way.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Water before meals
Every time you put something in your mouth, drink a glass of lukewarm water. This will give you a feeling of fullness, and hydration is one of the most important signals that we often overlook.

2. Reduce portions
The ideal meal size is measured in fists. Don't measure potatoes or rice by scoops. Also, don't measure salads by bowls. Don't eat fish or meat by grams either. Each food should be as much as fits in your fist.

3. Reduce carb intake
Instead of potatoes, eat cauliflower. Instead of pasta, eat zucchini. If all else fails, reduce carbs, especially at dinner.

4. Eat slowly
Use a small spoon and small forks. This will help your bites to be smaller, you'll eat slower, and after 20 minutes, your brain will tell you that you've eaten enough anyway. If you eat before half an hour, no one can stop you.

5. More veggies
Nutritionists suggest eating 2 plates of vegetables and 1 plate of other foods every day.

6. Don't order food
Don't order food because you don't know how it's made, and also, the time they deliver it usually doesn't match when you're hungry. You eat the ordered food when you get it, not when you're hungry. This is the most common reason to overeat.

7. Don't eat in front of the TV or computer
Focus on each bite and concentrate on what you're eating, not what you're watching. Your brain needs to feel satisfaction with every bite. Don't let yourself get distracted!

8. Cut out sweets
You don't have to avoid all sweets, just limit the portion size and number. Always keep in mind that sweets harm your organs. This applies to natural, artificial, and all industrial sweeteners. Don't let manufacturers deceive you with labels claiming something is less sweet, because it isn't. Even less so if it's labeled "diet"!

9. Walk
You'll burn the most calories by walking. Just 15 minutes of walking is enough, but do it several times a day (at least 2 times). Walking melts fat, speeds up metabolism, and strengthens the heart. Walking will surely put you in a good mood.

10. Always choose a healthy alternative
Instead of buying pizza, find healthy dough and use fresh vegetables. Wherever possible, use healthy oil and fats. Don't hesitate to spend money on healthy and quality ingredients. It's for your health!

11. Don't eat at night
It's ideal to have your last meal between 7 and 8 p.m., and then go to bed 2 to 3 hours later. Set your own last hour for eating and stick to it. It's very important to persist with this for at least 3 days, as your body needs that time to adjust to the new eating rhythm. Later, just have a glass of water.

12. Cut out bread and alcohol
Remove things you love from your daily menu. But be careful! At the same time, designate a day of the week when you can indulge. Of course, within reasonable limits. This will give you motivation so that your favorite foods aren't completely lost ...
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