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The Acne Map
Acne on the face is like a traffic light showing where there might be problems in your body. You just need to know how to read it correctly ...
Some Western dermatologists believe that we shouldn't just treat acne on the face, but rather address the underlying issue causing them. In other words: acne on the face is our best doctor.

Pimples on the forehead can be a result of high stress and lack of sleep. They can also indicate digestive issues, improper diet, and liver problems.

Jawline and Chin
Hormones are to blame for acne in these areas. Often, it's an excess of male hormones (this applies to both men and women).

Edges of the Face
The proximity to the scalp and ears can also hide hormone issues. This could also be due to the makeup or deodorant you use, shampoo, or even nail polish. It might even happen when using makeup that you haven't had issues with before.

Acne on the cheeks suggests excessive sugar intake. Eat fewer sweets and foods that break down into sugar in the body (like pasta, even noodles in soup). Acne in these areas can also result from respiratory issues, and recently, excessive phone use has become a common cause. Phone screens contain a lot of bacteria that can be harmful. Simply wiping your phone with a disinfectant wipe occasionally is enough.

Between the Eyebrows
Liver. The metabolism system and digestive tract are struggling. This is usually the case when you eat too much unhealthy, greasy food. Pay attention to your diet.

Nose and Upper Lip
This is a sign of too much spicy, oily, and salty food. Here, sugar issues (fluctuating sugar levels) and blood pressure problems are also evident. Acne in this area can also be a sign of heart issues, spleen, and lung problems.

Make changes to your diet and pay attention to facial acne. If your problems persist often and changing your diet doesn't help, it's time to visit a doctor.
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