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Do you also get headaches after eating fried food?
Many people complain of unbearable headaches, but only a few are observant enough to realize that fried food might be the culprit. How about you?
Millions around the world consume fried food, which is most popular as an afternoon snack. It's not always warm, but it is definitely greasy. Less known is that fried food carries risks for developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Few, however, know that fried food can also cause headaches.

The oil commonly used for frying is a rich source of trans fats (yes, those fats that are largely banned in most of Europe, and in recent years here as well). Trans fats are formed from the process of hydrogenating vegetable oil. Manufacturers use hydrogenation to extend shelf life, and trans fats improve the taste, especially for animal-based products.

In reality, trans fats are bad fats that raise cholesterol levels in the blood. These fats can cause blockages in arteries (the main vessels for blood flow to the heart). When arteries are blocked, vital organs don't receive enough oxygen, which gives them energy, especially noticeable in the brain. When the brain's centers don't get enough oxygen, dizziness and then headaches can occur.

Of course, the buildup of cholesterol that occurs during frying means harder work for the heart, which struggles to pump blood throughout the body, leading to more arrhythmias and heart failure, and an increased risk of stroke. All of these diseases are often preceded by headaches.

Today, we still find the most trans fats in cookies, processed frozen foods ready for quick use, snacks (especially in chips), fast food, creamy coffee, margarine...

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does ban trans fats, but this only applies to products with more than 1% of these fats.

The fact is, we cannot completely avoid these fats, so it's best to avoid fried foods altogether and instead opt for more fresh vegetables, fish, and nuts.
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