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5 Reasons Why You're Always Hungry
Why do you eat more than necessary? Why do you have an insatiable hunger? These reasons might surprise you.
You won't believe it: in these reasons you'll find below, 80% of the reasons why you're overweight. Actually, you might not be overweight, but you feel that way. The biggest problem of excess weight is in our heads; the most important step is to realize that you eat a lot. Unfortunately, it's hard not to feel hunger!

Here are the most likely reasons:

1. You Have Too Much Free Time
Simple: you're bored. You fill the time between work with snacks. This also includes liquid snacks, which also have a lot of calories and very few nutrients. The most useful way to spend free time isn't to bury yourself in the kitchen inventing a new recipe for fattening snacks, but a book that will distract you so time passes faster, and you're not seeking comfort in studying the menu of a new restaurant. Very important: find additional employment.

2. Rampant Hormones
Hunger due to hormonal imbalance isn't so innocent. If you don't consume enough carbohydrates, your blood sugar will drop (hypoglycemia), and the result is ravenousness! If you have hypoglycemia, it's due to improper diet (some diets also cause this!), yet the body still needs energy. The body needs starch, so don't completely give up bread. Every organism needs carbohydrates too. Fats are among the most important elements... Note that bakery pastries, although they have a bad reputation, in their whole grain version contain a lot of fiber that gives you a feeling of fullness and prevents hunger. It's not all about low prices!

And also... Hormonal raging can also be a result of problems with the thyroid, pancreas, liver, and kidneys... Be careful with hormones: your body might be trying to alert you to something more serious, and you don't notice it.

3. You're Not Happy
Sudden loss or increase in appetite can be a result of depression, and food in this case is just a way to soothe the unhappiness, which could be due to heartache, accumulated work stress, a "bad week," or worse, a "bad month"... This can lead to burnout, and mood swings can also be a result of insufficient marital activities. Exercise helps - with a partner or solo in nature.

4. Surrounded by Food
Look around you. If you see food everywhere, then it's a sign to change your environment. The problem of too much food could be at work, in front of the TV, even posters on the way to work encourage you to be hungrier than you actually are. You can't control much of this, but you can choose a different gym, a different route to work, a different walk... Find another afternoon activity.

And also... Don't watch TV!

5. You Haven't Had a Proper Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and accept it. If your body doesn't get the right energy and substances it needs in the morning, it will burden you all day with that. Breakfast isn't something you eat casually, take your time and think about what would be good for you to eat. Only then will your body be satisfied, stay full for a long time, and not attack you with hunger.

Remember: The best diet is not starvation!
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