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7 Healing Effects of Thyme
Thyme is a spice often added to pasta and roasted meat dishes, but its medicinal effects are not widely known.
1. Improves Vision
Thyme is rich in vitamin A, which is fat-soluble, and antioxidants that heal mucous membranes and skin. Thyme actually has a greater and better effect on vision than carrots.

2. Improves Circulation
Thyme contains many antiseptic and antibiotic substances that prevent inflammation and relieve coughs. A cup of thyme tea improves circulation, keeping you warm on cold evenings.

3. Clears Acne
Due to its antibacterial properties, thyme is often added to facial creams and skin cleansers.

4. Prevents Hair Loss
Thyme's essential oil, when combined with other herbs, strengthens hair roots and accelerates their growth.

5. Regulates Blood Pressure
Thyme contains substances that lower blood pressure.

6. Improves Bones
Thyme is a good source of vitamin K, iron, calcium, and manganese. It's beneficial for bones and prevents all bone-related diseases.

7. Improves Digestion
Experts recommend drinking thyme tea to those with digestive issues and bloating. Thyme oil also prevents intestinal cramps.
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