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Datum: 23. MAR 24 - GOOD TO KNOW
What does the color of our tongue warn us about?
The tongue is actually the strongest muscle in our body, so it's very important to pay attention to its color. The color tells us more than we think...
You've probably noticed that your tongue has a different color every day. The differences are usually in shades, often very subtle, but a shift to another color reveals more than we think. A healthy tongue is the best indicator of a healthy body.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

1. Red Tongue
Although most people think a red tongue means a healthy tongue, that's not the case. A healthy tongue is pink. The redder the tongue, the more vitamin B12 you're lacking. If your tongue stays red for a long time, it could indicate anemia, scarlet fever, or mouth ulcers. If you see a red tongue for more than 5 days, it's time to visit a doctor.

2. White Spots on the Tongue
White spots are a sign of infection in the body. They appear when the immune system is affected, in cases of high sugar levels, leukemia, or HIV infection. If white spots come and go, it means the body is resolving issues on its own. But if the white spots stay in the same place for several days, it's time to see a doctor, even if you feel like nothing is wrong.

3. Black Tongue
A black tongue doesn't indicate a serious issue; it reveals more about your lifestyle, hygiene, and dietary habits. Chain smokers often get a black tongue when the level of tobacco in their blood is too high. A black tongue can also be hereditary. It also occurs when you eat too much soft food (in this case, the tongue's surface isn't 'scraped,' so proteins known as keratin build up).

4. Purple Tongue
If you think your tongue turns purple only when you drink something like that, think again. A purple tongue means the blood flow in your body is very poor, indicating a tendency towards internal clots and diabetes.

5. Yellow Tongue
A yellow and swollen tongue appears when your body overheats. The body indicates abnormal levels of bacteria, which can be harmless or a precursor to following problems. A yellow tongue often predicts a high fever.
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