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Foods with Less than 10 Calories
Even if you don't count the calorie content of everything you eat, you know it's very important. It determines whether you lose weight or gain it. But that's not all ...
When someone offers you a meal with less than 10 calories, you probably first think it's empty food that can't satisfy you, let alone benefit you. But that's not true!

We present to you foods that have truly low caloric value but are packed with nutrients and essential elements that your body desperately needs. These are elements that the body cannot produce on its own, so we need to help it. And, you'll see, these meals are full of them...

1. Spinach
A cup of raw spinach has only 7 calories. It's crucial to eat it raw, prepared as a salad (just oil, vinegar, a little salt, and pepper). It contains carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lutein, which protect against age-related diseases, degeneration of the macula, and it's also rich in antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress. To generate interest in spinach among people, they invented Popeye more than half a century ago...

2. Mushrooms
While mushrooms are mostly water, white button mushrooms (champignons) are rich in copper, niacin, and vitamin B, which strengthen bones, the immune system, and provide energy. Additionally, mushrooms are interesting because they have a meaty texture, and they're best quickly saut{-15447}ed with parsley and olive oil, or they're delicious as an addition to salads. A cup of mushrooms has only 9 calories.

3. Kale
Kale is excellent in salads or can be saut{-15447}ed. A cup has only 6 calories, and it contains a lot of vitamins K and C, calcium, and plenty of healthy plant-based fibers, all of which promote heart, bone, and skin health. That's why it's called the triple winner!

4. Arugula
5 calories per cup of arugula and a wealth of vitamin K, calcium, folates, fibers, antioxidants... It supports the immune system and strengthens nerve functions. Arugula has an extremely fresh taste; raw, it goes excellently with fruits (strawberries, pomegranate). It's among the healthiest green leafy Mediterranean foods (just this fact speaks volumes about its power).

5. Garlic
A clove of garlic has 4 calories and exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a lot of potassium and antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, and protects us from flu and colds. Garlic is so healthy that we should consume it regularly every day.

6. Celery
You've probably heard of negative calories? This is the energy our body uses to process the food we eat. When digestion consumes more energy than it receives, we talk about negative calories, and celery is the world champion in this category. The more you eat, the more weight you lose. Additionally, it's high in water content, satisfying the body's need for hydration, and contains compounds that reduce internal inflammation.

7. Romaine Lettuce
A cup of romaine lettuce has 8 calories, plenty of vitamins K and A, helps with heart health, aids in stress management... While some might think it's just romaine lettuce, for many, it's their favorite green dish. Not entirely without reason!

8. Clear Soup
All clear soups contain a lot of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and have an excellent impact on bone and skin health. It depends on what you add to the soup, but as long as it's vegetables, the nutritional value increases. However, if you add noodles or other pasta to the soup, you'll spoil its perfect image. Hmm...

9. Swiss Chard
Swiss chard is among the less known and widespread green leafy vegetables, perhaps due to its less pronounced taste, but it contains incredibly high amounts of antioxidants, magnesium, copper, vitamins K, C, and E. It strengthens the heart, bones, skin, immune system... Swiss chard is one of the healthiest Mediterranean vegetables, and a cup has only 7 calories with an incredible impact on health.

10. Cucumbers
There's nothing as refreshing as a crunchy and juicy bite of cucumber. A cup of grated cucumbers has 8 calories, some potassium, plenty of fiber, and vitamin K. Cucumbers play an important role in blood clotting, promote heart health, ensure good hydration, strengthen the immune system... Raw cucumbers are considered one of the healthiest snacks, suitable even as a main dish.
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