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Datum: 29. SEP 21 - GOOD TO KNOW
5 things that make you even hungrier
Did you know that there is food that increases appetite? The more you eat it, the hungrier you are, the more you lose weight ...
1. White bread

Especially if it’s fresh, warm, just out of the bakery ... That kind of bread is hard to resist. White flour is made from hulled grains of wheat, and the husks are the ones that give a feeling of satiety. Instead of white flour products telling your brain that you have already eaten enough, your insulin levels rise. A Spanish study showed that people eat 40% more if we have white flour products in front of us.

2. Juices

Dense fruit juices have a large amount of sugar and virtually no fiber. When you drink a glass, you get a lot of energy in an instant, but after only half an hour your sugar level drops and your hunger is so much greater due to the sudden drop. Your body, therefore, tells you that you need to drink another glass as soon as possible, or eat something concrete, even if you have just had lunch.

And why are homemade juices less fattening? This only applies if you have used unpeeled fruit and as many vegetables as possible. The shells give the juice the necessary fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety.

3. Salty pastries

Why do people even eat salty pastries? As it turns out, the sole purpose of this food is to help us chase for a long time. You can't eat salty pastries. In addition, all salty pastries raise insulin, give no energy (have you ever seen an athlete who would grab a bag of chips when he arrives at the finish line?). In addition, salty pastries have far too much salt and are even harmful to health.

Salty pastries are thus a textbook example of the debauchery of our civilization: we have invented killer food that makes no sense.

4. Alcohol

The more you drink it, the more hungry you are, even though at first you think it’s just the opposite. Research shows that just three decilitres of wine, or a pitcher of beer, lowers blood leptin levels by 30%. Leptin is a hormone that controls satiety levels. Have you ever wondered how many calories beer has? 180 per can. How many calories does wine have? 140 each deciliter. These are the numbers that small chocolates achieve and that we shudder at. Nothing about alcohol.

5. Pasta

We have to be careful with pasta. Not all pasta is harmful, although white ones certainly are. White pasta does not hide the fact that it is made from white flour. More mysterious are the coloured pasta, which artificially adds colour to them and thus further potentiates their harmful effects. In order to achieve a similar level of satiety with pasta as, for example, with vegetables, we need to eat them at least once more. That’s why portions of pasta in restaurants are also one time larger than other dishes.
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